Research and Teaching Interests

Critical Digital and Algorithm Studies, Carceral Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Cultural Studies and Critical Theory, Feminist and Queer Theory, Body and Embodiment Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Film Studies


CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY

Ph.D Sociology, Certificates in Women’s Studies and Critical Theory

  • Dissertation: Electric Light: Automating the Carceral State During the Quantification of Everything.

  • Committee: Patricia T. Clough (Chair), Victoria Pitts-Taylor, Michael Jacobson, Jasbir Puar

CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY

M.Phil. Sociology, Certificate in Women’s Studies

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

B.A. High Honors in Sociology

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Certificate in Strategic Corporate Research



Scannell, R. Joshua, Cities: Resistances and Uncertain Sovereignties in the Urban World. Routledge, 2012.

Peer Reviewed Publications

R. Joshua Scannell, “Policing the Future” in Infrastructures of Citizenship: Digital Life in the Global City, Deb Cowen, Brett Story, Alexis Mitchell, Emily Paradis eds., McGill University Press, Forthcoming

R. Joshua Scannell, “This is Not Minority Report.” in Captivating Technology: Critical Race Approaches to Science, Technology, and the Carceral Imagination, Ruha Benjamin ed., Duke, 2019

R. Joshua Scannell, “Both a Cyborg and a Goddess: Deep Managerial Time and Informatic Governance” in Object Oriented Feminism, Katherine Behar, ed. University of Minnesota Press, 2016

Patricia Clough with Karen Gregory, Benjamin Haber, R. Joshua Scannell, “The Datalogical Turn” in Non-Representational Methodologies: Re-envisioning Research, Philip Vannini, ed. Routledge, 2015

Book Reviews

R. Joshua Scannell, “Architectures of Managerial Triumphalism (Review of Benjamin Bratton, The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty” in Boundary 2, Nov. 2018

R. Joshua Scannell, “How We Think About Technology (Without Thinking About Politics): N. Katherine Hayles’ How We Think” in Boundary 2, Nov. 2015

Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

R. Joshua Scannell, “Controlled Measures,” Real Life Magazine, September 17, 2018

R. Joshua Scannell, “Broken Windows, Broken Code,” Real Life Magazine, August 29, 2016

Josh Scannell, “What Can an Algorithm Do?,” DIS Magazine, February 2015

Teaching Experience

Hunter College, CUNY: 2014-Present

Adjunct Lecturer, Sociology; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Queens College, CUNY: 2011-2014

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Sociology

Wesleyan University: 2007-2008

Teaching Assistant, Sociology

Courses Taught

“Social Inequality,” “Sociology of Human Sexuality,” “Sociological Methods,” “Classical Sociological Theory,” “Current Sociological Theory,” “Foundations of Sociological Theory,” “Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies,” “Introduction to Sociology,” “Sex and Gender Roles,” “Sociology of Film,” “Sex, Gender and Political Economy in the American Horror Film”

Professional Experience and Service

Peer Reviewer, Big Data and Society, 2017-2018

Peer Reviewer, International Journal of Communication, 2017

Lead Researcher, Criminal Justice, Data and Society Research Institute, 2016

Respondent, “Object Oriented Feminism - Dead or Alive 2: Out of Body,” at Society for Literature Science and the Arts, 2015

Moderator, “Big Data: Histories, Futures, and Societies,” at Eastern Sociological Society, 2015

Presider, “Meetspace: Rethinking Public Spheres,” at Theorizing the Web, 2014

Senior thesis advisor, Queens College Dept. of Sociology, Spring 2014

Co-Organizer, Inventive Methods: Data, Calculation, and Bodies, CUNY Graduate Center, 2014

Performer, The Datalogical Turn: Visualizations, CUNY Center for Humanities, James Gallery, 2014

At-Large Program Representative, Doctoral Students Council, CUNY Graduate Center, 2013-2014

Moderator, “Agential Realism II: Science & Technology,” at Mattering: Feminism, Science and Materialism Conference, CUNY Graduate Center, 2013

Representative, Sociological Students Association, Faculty Membership Committee, CUNY Graduate Center, 2012-2013

Co-Chair, The Life of Things, Seminar in the CUNY Graduate Center Center for the Humanities, 2012- 2013


CUNY Center for Place Culture and Politics Dissertation Writing Fellow, 2015-2016

CUNY Graduate Teaching Fellowship, 2011-2014

Conference Papers

Scannell, R. Joshua “Futureshocked: Data Dystopia and Racial Capitalism.” American Studies Association, Chicago, 2017

Scannell, R. Joshua “This is Not Minority Report.” Society for the Social Studies of Science, Boston, 2017

Scannell, R. Joshua “Urban Informatics and Cyborg Pulsations: Creating the Inhumanist City.” Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Atlanta, 2016

Scannell, R. Joshua “This is Not Minority Report”: Predictive Policing, Inhumanist Governance and Population Racism in the Long Crisis.” Cultural Studies Association, Villanova University, 2016

Scannell, R. Joshua “Inhumanist Archiving and Smart City Surveillance.” Queer Circuits in Archival Times, CUNY Graduate Center, 2016

Scannell, R. Joshua “Algorithmic Necropolitics: Embodiment and Liveliness in the Post-Biopolitical Security State.” Society for Literature Science and the Arts, Rice University, 2015

Scannell, R. Joshua “Cancer is Terror is Metrics is Profit.” Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Rice University, 2015

Scannell, R. Joshua “Policing the Future(s)” Theorizing the Web, New York City, 2015

Scannell, R. Joshua “Carceral Life Itself: Datafication and the Incarceration of Liveliness.” Eastern Sociological Society, New York City 2015

Scannell, R. Joshua “Deriving Populations, Deracinating Measurement: Datalogical Policing and Value After the Posthuman.” #DigitalLabor2014, New School, 2014

Scannell, R. Joshua “Datalogical Liveliness: Embodiment, Value and Incarceration After the Quantification of Everything” ESRC Futures in Question, Goldsmiths College, 2014

Scannell, R. Joshua “Both a Cyborg and a Goddess: Mystical Technobodies and Datafication” Cultural Studies Association (CSA), University of Utah, 2014

Scannell, R. Joshua and Erin Siodmak “A Culture of Horror at the Precipice of an Abyss” Cultural Studies Association (CSA), University of Utah, 2014

Scannell, R. Joshua, “Digital Gods and Human Monsters: Theorizing the Data Bodies of Control.” Society for Literature Science and the Arts (SLSA), University of Notre Dame, 2013

Scannell, R. Joshua, “Bodies Encoded: Data, Biocapital and Aesthetics of Control.” Left Forum, Pace University, 2013

Scannell, R. Joshua and Erin Siodmak, “Punk Aesthetics: Geographies of the Lower East Side Revisited.” Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual meeting, April 2013

Scannell, R. Joshua, “Spectral Bodies and Datalogical Hauntings: The Viral Body After Biopolitics.” Cultural Studies Association (CSA), University of San Diego, 2012